About Us

On August 18, 1978, the Lord encouraged approximately ten families to form a home-based church. Obeying the Lord, they sought wise counsel, incorporated as a church in Delaware, and embarked on a journey that has moved them from that dedicated core to the Liberty Church you see today.

Around 1987, the faithful congregation purchased the land on College Road where the church now sits. Liberty’s first sanctuary was built at 1150 College Road. Ten years later, in 1998, the church celebrated its mortgage burning. They were debt free.

In 2001, Liberty purchased ten acres of adjacent land that will be used for future growth. With a heart for the youth in the area, the church leadership also purchased a van for transporting neighborhood children and parents to church services and various activities.

Liberty Church provides a haven for spiritual healing to those who have been hurt and an opportunity for nurturing and growth to those who hunger for the Lord.World-of-Flags

Liberty Church Pamphlet

Around the sanctuary we display some flags of other nations. These flags are sent or brought to Liberty Church from the country represented. They are special to us because they represent the nations that our mission offerings are being sent to. Currently, we have the flags of the Philippines and Israel. There are others we do not have flags for also. Of course, we have our own American flag prominently displayed since we support national needs as well. And of course we have the Christian flag because we always want to lead others to our eternal country, Heaven.

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